10 things to know before renting out your apartment

tips for renting an apartment

Renting, especially in big cities like Delhi and Mumbai, when compared to ownership living is almost equivalent in percentage. A large section of people looks to renting as their option for urban dwelling and needless to say real estate leasing has almost become an industry now.  Thankfully that has made finding a good flat on rent relatively easier. However, there are some factors that should be kept in mind and checked out well in advance before shelling out your security deposit.


  • Have a thorough check on the property’s legal regulations, lease agreement and all the terms and conditions before renting the property.
  • Make sure the building you are renting a flat in is in proper condition, has proper maintenance facilities and is repaired in a timely. 
  • The building must have test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Ensure all vents are free of buildup (debris, moisture, etc.). Also, check internal and external pipes for combustion.
  • Have the local plumber, electrician & locksmith’s contact details saved in your phone for emergencies.
  • Make sure the area you are going to live in has an adequate water supply and has a smooth electricity service.
  • Ensure that the sewage and drainage facilities are under control in the area. Proper sanitation is a must in every area.
  • Have a proper rental agreement fixed with your landlord adjusting to an affordable and moderate rent set according to your location.
  • The building must have a watchman or security guard for better protection and invigilation.
  • Keep all the digital records, rent receipts, agreements safe and handy.
  • Have a thorough background check about your landlord and the building you’re renting a flat in.
  • Follow all the rules and regulations set by your landlord and make sure to pay the rent timely.

Always remember your rented flat is going to be your home. It is very much your responsibility to keep it clean and in a good condition. You must maintain a healthy relationship with your landlord as well as your neighbours and settle in.

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