Can Your Payment Procedure Help in Boosting Sale?

“Seamless payment gateway integration”, the phrase, is not very uncommon these days especially if one is somewhat in knowledge about online sales, online buy, etc. By its multitude usage, ‘seamless payment gateway’ seems to be a magic solution that can miraculously bring you online sales in high volume. 

But how so? And what it actually does? If you are asking these same questions as me, then this article is a must-read for you.

Ok. Let’s understand what seamless payment gateway integration actually is? And how does it differ from a non-seamless one?

I have tried to search on the internet for answers, and ask the technical-jargon-fearing me, it was not a very easy experience. However, I stumbled on some of the good write-ups that helped me atleast learn the crux of this whole payment gateway thing and its seamless & non-seamless funda. And here, I tried to put forth what I understood, if it can be of any help to anyone, just like me, my technical-jargon-fearing self.

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So, what is Seamless Payment Gateway and Non-seamless payment gateway Integration?

Seamless payment gateway integration is one where while payment, the payment option is selected at the merchant site and then payment gateway directly takes you to your bank’s 3D Secure page to proceed with the payment. While non-seamless payment gateway integration is the one where the merchant site simply pushes you to the 3rd party payment gateways like CCAvenue, PayU and the rest of the payment procedure is taken care by these 3rd party gateways who collects your payment details and finally takes you to your bank’s 3D Secure page for the completion of the payment procedure.

In that case, which one is better to opt for?

Well, both have their own advantages and are opt-able depending upon the size and strength of your business. Seamless payment gateway integration demands an expert financial team and software development team at the merchant’s end. Therefore large businesses are best to opt for this one. Whereas smaller scale businesses can use non-seamless integration where maximum tasks are taken care at the 3rd party payment gateway’s end reducing the hassles of the merchants.

Since we can see that seamless payment gateway integration is more demanding in terms of team strength which again involves resource management budget, why should seamless integration be an option at all?

Well, with this we have almost reached to the core of the matter of how seamless payment gateway integration helps the merchant with sales boost. Seamless payment gateway integration is an option at all because:

  • It reduces merchants’ dependency on the 3rd party payment gateway aggregators. 
  • Merchants can ensure more data security to its customers.
  • Merchants can integrate more than one payment gateways and therefore avoid any slow down in any one gateway from affecting their sales.

Therefore, we have already got a point on our main question, “how can your payment procedure boost your sales?”

  1. By integration of seamless payment gateway- Seamless payment gateways provides a smooth customer experience that motivates them to come back to your site often. Again by being able to avoid any down-time caused by any one of the payment gateways, you are actually preventing your store from incurring any loss.
  2. By avoiding additional shipping charge- Well, often we experience lots of abandoned carts because of the shipping charge appearing all of a sudden at the end. Alternately businesses often use a minimum purchase amount for free shipping to give a sales boost. See that you play safe with free shipping funda and addition of shipping charge should not appear untold and abrupt.
  3. By reflecting the cost inclusive price of the product- While loading the cart, a customer often acts according to his/her budget looking just at the reflected price, without considering the tax amount. Therefore, by the time they reach the payment process, and taxes get levied, they are out-shooting their budget, which can act as a huge demotivating factor in finishing up a purchase. The wise way is to reflect your prices inclusive of taxes, even if the prices get a little higher, at least it won’t cost you an abandoned cart.

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