Co-operative Housing Society Bye-Law- 22 and 23

housing society bye law no. 22

Housing Society Bye-laws are the rules and regulations laid down for the proper and peaceful running of the co-operative housing societies. Co-operative society bye-laws are approved by the government authorities and are formed with the intention to help the societies self-regulate themselves. 




(A) Rights of Members: Bye Law No 22 

Bye Law No 22(a) Rights of Members

A Member shall be entitled to exercise such rights as provided in the Act, Rules and Bye-laws. Provided that no Member shall exercise the rights of Member of a Society, until he has made such payment to the Society in respect of Membership, or acquired such interest in the Society.

Bye Law No 22(b) Provided further that, in case of increase in minimum contribution of Member in share capital to exercise right of Membership, the Society shall give a due notice of demand to the Members and give reasonable period of time to comply with.

Active Members

Bye Law No 22(c) A Member shall be termed as an ‘Active Member’ if he / she fulfills the following conditions: viz.

i. He / She has attended at least One General Body Meeting in previous consecutive period of five years,

ii. He / She has purchased and owns Flat / Unit in the Society, and

Iii. He / She has paid the Society Maintenance Service and other charges regularly

Bye Law No 22(d) A Member who is not an ‘Active Member’ shall be ‘Non-Active Member’.

Bye Law No 22(e) Society shall classify the Members as ‘Active’ or ‘Non-Active’ Members at the close of every financial year.

i. Society shall communicate to every Non-Active Member about his classification, within a period of 30 days from 31st March of every year as prescribed under these By-laws as per Appendix No. 30 [FORM J-1]

ii. In case of a dispute about classification of a Member being Active or Non-Active, an appeal shall lie with the Registrar within a period of 60 days from the date of communication of such classification.

Non-Active Members

Bye Law No 22(f) A ‘Non Active Member’ can be reclassified as ‘Active Member’ from the date he satisfies the conditions laid down under Bye law no. 22(c).

(B) Getting Copy of the Bye-laws, Audit Report & Inspection of Books & Records and getting copies thereof

Bye Law No 23. Inspect Society’s record and getting copies thereof

Bye Law No 23(a) Rights of inspection of documents and getting copies thereof

A Member shall have the right to inspect free of cost books, registers documents etc. as provided in Section 32 (1) of the Act and get copies of the documents as provided under Section 32 (2) of the Act, on payment of the fees prescribed under the bye-law No. 172.

Bye Law No 23(b) Inspection of Books of Records

A Member shall be entitled to receive a copy of the Approved Bye-laws, Audit Report of the Society, on payment of charges prescribed thereof.

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