Housing society news update: RT-PCR rule for domestic help need to be relaxed

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With the upsurge of coronavirus cases yet again, the whole country and especially the Maharashtra state is reeling under the second wave. The restrictions have been tightened yet again with the state going into lockdown. The movement of vehicles and people have been restricted with the closure of businesses of the non-essential items.

Even in the first wave, there has always been controversy regarding the allowance of maids and house-helps. The question is here yet again about what to do with them. Just as much as they need their job and livelihood, the people too find it difficult to run the house without them. Considering all such matters, it was mandated that all the house helps going out for work need to do an RT-PCR test every 15 days to ensure that they aren’t infected and not spreading it. The decision was levied by the local authorities who have been given authority to maintain sanity in their own regions. 

However, the state relief and rehabilitation secretary mentioned that the rule of getting tested every 15 days needs to be relaxed. The main concern here is the people going for tests repeatedly in the centres and exposing themselves to the infectious surrounding stand a chance to catch the infection. Putting them into this vulnerable situation repeatedly is not a human act.

The people who don’t bear any symptoms of the infection need not go into repeated testing unnecessarily. However, getting symptoms should get tested and follow all the covid rules before getting a negative report.

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Society managers also need to make strict rules enforcing the need-based entry within the premises. The car washer and gardener need not venture and go up into the buildings to the building. The less important maintenance work can be postponed for the time being. The staff managing the society should restrict themselves to their area of work and not venture unnecessarily.

Managing house-helps, maids, and staff in a housing society is not a joke, especially in this tough situation where responsibility and humanity always tend to be at loggerhead. And we literally feel for the society managers to keep up to this situation. While we cannot help the coronavirus outbreak and the following situations, we can help you simply manage your housing society and visitors.

onegate is a visitor-cum-gate management solution that digitises the processes in your gate and offers enhanced security. The app enables the society managers as well the residents to regulate and track who can enter their society and not. They have full control to approve or reject a guest entry without the need to step out of their home. onegate also allows staff management and attendance maintenance.

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