How beneficial would be switching kirana store to online platform?

Technology and digitalisation has been dominating our country and the world in a way that we would have never imagined before. Sometimes back there used to be said that owning a car in Indian cities would be difficult as there would be rides available for you with a click of a button or going out to the shopping store would be old school as it would be delivered to you at your doorstep in just a few hours.

It is more likely to be thought of as a fantasy or a science fiction movie for all of us. But in the year 2020 everything seems to be real, with the apps from cycle, bike, food , groceries and each and everything whichever technology has taken over. 

But still the kirana stores at the corners of our streets seem to be resistant to technology and digitalisation, they survived the old fashioned and old school term of business & gaining profits until there were huge super markets and large format of retail chains opened up. 

Lately these stores also have been switching to digitalisation especially during the rising competition among all the supermarkets and large retailers. Nowadays due to the increasing popularity of digitalisation there are many retailers who have already switched to the online platform to be recognised as a trusted retailer and kirana store.

There are close to 12 million retailers & kirana stores in the streets of India who are willing to modernise and switch digital for more business and broaden their reach of customers due to the arrivals of e-commerce stores. It is extremely easy for all the kirana stores to gain benefits with the lifeblood span of 96% consumption of Indian grocery retail business. 

Switching their business to websites & online shopping won’t only bring them convenience yet a lot of business as it shall help them decrease their labour and maintenance as well. Especially during emergencies and emergency situations such as Lockdown which happened lately in India, at that time the market noticed a high surge of online shopping and retailers be it grocery or kirana stores. Most of the people and professionals who were restricted at home to be quarantined and not go out in order to stop the spread of that virus, there was a rage among people about the groceries and daily needs of the household and cooking chores, during that period of time online kirana stores were shining like a star in the eyes of the consumers and people who were stuck at home. 

E-commerce retail and kirana stores are going to have a good business life ahead because it is convenient & easy and it can reach anywhere! 

During this situation there were many kirana stores that jumped into the world of online portals to sell their products and make use of this emerging market of e-commerce. Online kirana store & retail shop has many benefits, they can conjoin with third parties and sell their products as there are many other big listers out their who can list them and promote their products on their platform so that they can also invite traffic on their websites. 

Oneretail is one such partnership platform for all the kirana stores from where the kirana stores can join and switch their business into an online store to get benefits from the reach and platforms of oneretail. 

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