How does onesociety web portal work?

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onesociety, powered by oneapp, is a housing society management and maintenance software that comes with two portals for its effective usage. The solution features a web portal that features a robust administration module that provides all kinds of management control such as billing, tracking the collections, complaint management, vendor, income expense, and facility bookings. The other one is the member portal which is embedded in the oneapp. Members can take varieties of steps and perform functions in the oneapp in relation to the housing society and also their personal living. Members can raise complaints, pay bills, download receipts, manage multiple properties, track their visitors, and authorize guests & so much more.

In today’s post, I will give a picture of how the administration portal of the onesociety solution works and make it possible to manage and maintain the society so easily for the office bearers of the housing society.


The onesociety admin portal features several dedicated modules that have been created keeping in mind the operation of the housing societies. Let’s have a look at modules one by one.

As you log in to the onesociety admin portal of your society, you will land into the dashboard that gives the one-look view of several parameters in your society like complaints, Bank balance and cash in hand, balance dues, monthly expenses and survey responses etc. On the left-hand column of the dashboard, you can see all the modules listed. You can click on them to enter the respective module. Here let me give an overview of the modules.

HELPDESK – This is basically your complaint management module which lists all the incoming complaints from the members and allows you to take action on them for assigning them or towards resolution.

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INCOMES – As the name suggests, this module contains all the information regarding the incomes of your housing society in form of maintenance bills and other bills. This module also allows you to track the receipt of the bill payments, track any advance payment and add any credit note.

EXPENSES – This module contains all the information regarding the minute to minute details of the expenses incurred or to be incurred by your society. Needless to say, this is one of the most used and referred modules by the office-bearers.

VENDORS – This section is dedicated to the vendor information, their contact details, and dues, etc. Also, it contains a subsection of the vendor aging report for the proper track and payment to the vendors.

ACCOUNTS – One of the USPs of onesociety, all the magic of the meticulous accounting system in onesociety in under this tab. This section is the most important section and is mainly handled by the society accountants and veterans. This section contains each and every detail related to the accounts and audits in your society. This section mainly gets auto-updated when the other modules get used and updated, say, for example, income and expense modules.

SOCIETY TAB – From maintaining your society website to allocating units, managing vehicles to parking, everything comes under this tab. Sending circulars, issuing NOCs and forming committees all can be done from this section of the portal.

REPORTS – This section is mainly the report section. Depending on the usage of your portal, several reports are automatically generated by the system and kept in this module which can be downloaded and exported as per the requirements.

SETTINGS – This section in the main machine room of the entire portal you can say. As per rules and regulations set using this setting tab, that your entire administration portal runs and hence the management of your society. This section is mainly set up by the onesociety support along with the office bearers at the time of the installation of the solution for society.

Hope this can give you a picture of how our portal works. For more detailed information, you can claim a free demo for yourself by clicking on the link.

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