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We are doing a series of posts where we are kind of giving a tutorial on how to use onefooddialer customer portal. We are trying to simply and guide our clients with the usage of our software and app such that they can guide their customers accordingly or troubleshoot if any customer comes up with a query. Read ‘Improve your customers’ experience with onefooddialer customer portal-1’ here.

In case you don’t yet know, onefooddialer is a tiffin and subscription-based business management solution that is used widely by tiffin service providers in India and abroad as well. The solution helps to streamline and organize the business process thereby impacting positively towards the order and delivery management and improving the business.  If you want to know more about onefooddialer, we are offering a free cost demonstration of our software. Click here to claim your FREE DEMO now!

In this post, we will discuss the most important part of the portal i.e. how to book orders, swap meals, and even book instant orders (without a subscription) using our customer portal.


1. Upon logging in to your account, you will land into the default MENU page.

2. Right below the main tabs, find the sub-tabs displaying the services provided i.e. Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, etc. by your meal service provider.

3. Once you click a sub-tab, it will list down the meals and menu offered under the service.

4. Below that, on the left-hand corner, find the filters i.e. ALL, VEG and NONVEG available items. It will help you to browse and find your item(s) more quickly and efficiently.

5. On the same horizontal line, in the right-hand corner, it will display the cut-off time for the order(s) that you can place at present.

6. Below all the available meal plans are listed along with their picture and price.

7. To view the items provided under each plan, click the View Items. It will list the items in a pop-up window.

8. To choose a meal, click the ADD button provided at the bottom of each meal description.

9. If you want to view the items under this plan for the entire week, click Weekly Menu. It will list the items for the entire week in a pop-up window. Click the Next button in the right hand corner to view the following weeks.

10. To choose the plan, click Choose Meal at the right hand bottom of the page. The plan will be added to your cart which you can view in MYMEALS tab that appeared in the main tabs.

11.To go back and further view other meal plans, click Back to Menu at the right hand top corner or the MENU tab.

12. Some meals are swappable i.e. if you pre-order this meal plan for weekly or monthly service, you may swap the meal with a more preferable one from the list provided at the day of service. The swappable meal plans are marked with double arrows in a small box tagged with the meal icon in the right hand bottom corner.

13. Your chosen meal(s) will be added to your cart which you can view in the MYMEALS tab that just appeared in the main tabs.

14. Once done with choosing, click on the MY MEALS tab which will lead you to the check-out page.

15. Choose a data plan for your chosen meal(s) from the drop-down menu.

16. Select the start date from when you want to avail the service in the calendar that opened.

17. Select the number of meals you want to take per day.

18. If you have a promo code, input it in the box provided and click the APPLY PROMOCODE button.

19. Right side displays your total bill amount and break-up of the price .

20. Next choose your payment mode from the drop-down menu and against each option available, there are some courses of action to be taken which will show up just beside that. Follow the instructions. 

21. To confirm the delivery address, check the box before the command. You can also change and modify your address for each service in the space provided at the bottom.

22. Finally click the PLACE AN ORDER button in the right to finish the ordering process.


1. To swap meals for the day, click on the BOOKING HISTORY from the main tab.

2. Once in the BOOKING HISTORY page, click the PRE ORDER header.

3. The meals that are eligible for swapping will have the Swap symbol in the extreme right column ACTION. 

4. Clicking the Swap button will take you to the list of available options.

5. Each listed meal is displayed with the Date of the provision and Change Meal button.

6. Click the Change Meal button to complete the swapping procedure.

Find the link to the order booking in the description box below.

For a guide to the other modules, checkout our channel Prosim Quickserve. If you still face any problem, feel free to contact us at <support ph. no.> or mail at: <support mail id>.


1. Click Instant Order at the top of the page.

2. The extreme left column lists the category of products available and the middle column lists the items in offer under each category.

3. To choose an item from the list, click the cart symbol. Once chosen, your item will be reflected in the right most column.

4. Once finished with choosing item(s), proceed to payment by clicking the CHECK OUT button. CHECK OUT button will take you to the MY MEALS page to proceed with payment.

5. Choose your preferred payment option and against which your course of action will be dictated in the space beside. You are just required to follow the steps.

5. a. If you are choosing “Cash on Delivery”, you have to give a missed call to the provided number to confirm your order.

5.b. Fooddialer offers a partial payment option in case of “Online Payment”. On choosing the option, it will reflect the usable balance in your wallet which you can use up by ticking the Redeem Wallet checkbox. You can proceed to pay the remaining amount online by clicking the PAY NOW button.  Upon clicking the PAY NOW button, it will take you to the page for choosing your preferred payment gateway. Choose one and click PROCEED for further proceedings.

5.c.  If you choose “Use Wallet” as your option, it will show the amount you have in your Fooddialer wallet which can be used for booking tiffins. Click PLACE AN ORDER button to book your order right away. If you don’t have a sufficient amount in your wallet, you can refill it.

We will be back again with a detailed description of how a customer can make use of the onefooddialer powered portals in more ways in our upcoming posts, so stay tight to this space.

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