What is facility management in a housing society?

Facility management in housing society

The term ‘facility management’ is used to refer to tasks or processes managing several assets within a facility so as to ensure functionality, comfort, safety and efficiency of the environment by integrating people, place, process and technology.


Facility Management in a housing society refers to any services or amenities that allow residents and society managers to reside and be functional within the society premises comfortably and conveniently. Facilities in a housing society can be availed by the residents either continuously like a lift, water filtration plant, solar heater, etc. or for a short period of time-based on needs, like a swimming pool, gym, amphitheatre, community hall, etc. 


Within the housing societies, the responsibilities of managing and maintaining the facilities lie with the housing society management committee, which is a body of people comprising 3 or more members elected by the residents among the residents in a general body election. The society management committee leases out the task either to a facility management firm for regular maintenance or to individual vendors for individual tasks.


The task of facility management within a housing society can also be done with the help of technological aid. Yes, good housing society management can help you manage the facilities within the society. 

The task of facility management also includes other activities apart from the regular maintenance of the facilities like maintaining a clean and hygienic environment, ensuring that all the rules and regulations are followed, maintaining the aesthetics of the area, and maintaining the security and safety of the area, etc. This can be easily managed with the help of good housing society management software. The housing society management software will help the society managers in tracking their performance, setting goals and achieving targets, providing reports on the same, maintaining records, etc. which will not only help the society management in managing their tasks better but also help them in saving time and improving the work productivity.

The areas where a society management software can intervene in taking care of the facilities are:

  • Manage booking and engagement of the facilities like a community hall, amphitheatre, playground for tournaments, etc. easily using the app where members can easily check the engagement and book the facilities as per their need.
  • Get informed of any damage, ill-maintenance, etc. of the facilities at the earliest by the usage of the helpdesk facility where the members can directly raise a concern and society admin will get notified.
  • The task of vendor engagement can be done easily using management software which helps create, publish, tenders easily, then collate, compare and finally lease the job.

How do you manage and maintain the facilities in your housing society? Share with us in the comments below. 

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