oneretail: How Are We Different From Marketplace Aggregators?

Going online is no more just a fancy business tactic for the retailers. With Covid-19 being in the scene now, taking the stores online is absolutely essential and even it won’t be wrong if we say, taking the business online is now the only solution to survive and keep up with the competition in the market.

There are several marketplace aggregators present today to provide online platforms and allow retailers to sell their products online. However, today we will see how oneretail is different from them. In fact, how oneretail is not a marketplace aggregator at all but a business solution to the retail businesses that not only help them take their businesses online easily but also offer an array of other features to manage their retail business holistically.

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oneretail provides platform to have your own online store rather than just list your products

oneretail is not just a marketplace aggregator, we are the provider of a total business solution for the retail businesses. oneretail owns its own discovery platform called ‘oneapp’ that provides a platform to the retail businesses to set up their store online, easily and quickly without the need to create their own app and start selling. 

oneretail provides a discovery platform to list your own web-store rather than just your products

Picking up from the previous point, with oneapp, we provide a platform that lists and displays your entire store and not individual products of your store. The reason for this is that we do not pit the same products from the competitor stores and put them up for sale, instead we allow you a space in our app where you can take your entire store online and sell with your own identity. Consider a customer is walking down the street and he sees your shop, along with others. He chooses to enter yours and there he sees only your products, not the product from the other stores. The concept is the same here, just on an online platform.

oneretail allows you to create and sell under your own business identity rather than selling under its own brand identity

Taking the example from the previous pointer, oneapp-the discovery platform of oneretial solution, is the street where several stores are located, each one selling from their own shop. The street itself doesn’t sell products itself, it just hosts all the shops. To ensure that each shop has its own privacy and data security, we host each store in the isolated and dedicated databases in the cloud server.

oneretail doesn’t charge commission on the sale of each and every product from your store.

We are not a marketplace aggregator. We do not earn money from the commission on the sale of each product. Instead our earning comes from providing business solution, which is just not limited to an online platform but offering an end to end business solution. Presently oneapp is listing the stores free of cost as a gesture of solidarity towards the business community affected by the Covid impact.

oneretail provides an end-to-end business solution to manage your retail business

As said above, we provide an end-to-end solution for the retail businesses as per your need. We have onepos POS system, inventory manager, CRM, Money management module, digital menu and several other retail management tools to help you manage your business holistically. You can choose the modules as per your requirements and as and when required. 

If you want to know more about oneretail, you can request for a FREE DEMONSTRATION now. 

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