Get More Customers

1. Online Ordering portal

2. Online Business Listing

3. Mob App / M-Menu

4. Table Reservation

Synchronized menu at all sales channel

This feature synchronizes your menu at all sale points be it in-store or online, thus saving you from the tedious task of updating changes multiple times and also allowing a full estimation of sale, always updated.

Build & Improve Customer relationship

The built-in CRM system helps secure a robust guest database with information about customers from various sources. These database later aid in formulating sale policies and chalk out discounts and offers.

Online availability

CubeOne POS doesn’t stop working in case of going out-sync with internet. It still continues taking orders, processing data and print receipts and sync the data to cloud as soon as the connection is restored making it a seamless experience irrespective of network hassles.

Online Table Reservation

This feature allows the restaurant managers to manage the tables and reservation with regards to number of customers, ordered items, servicing person and time duration.

Restaurant POS

User-friendly POS for faster billing and checkout

User-friendly and intuitive dashboard makes billing and checkout faster by allowing search and pick product right on the same screen. It offers a categorised product list that aid in choosing in a single click.

Split payments/Multi-mode payment

This feature allows to settle a bill via multiple payment modes i.e. cards, cash, coupons, etc. It helps customers in payment helping with split payment mode.

GST Compliance

The tax manager settings allows to define tax rules with respect to Country, State and City having different and multiple ranges. These configured taxes can be directly applied to the tax applicable on the products so that whenever the product is up for the billing, its tax will get calculated automatically.

Offer Manager

This feature allows you to define future offers based on particular date/time range and selective days in a week.These custom offers can be directly associated with a Product/Category.

Multiple Cashier Account

This feature allows creating multiple cashier accounts with restricted access.The process of counting the cash, reconciling the receipts and balance of the cash drawer can be managed easily by the process

Import Bulk Product

Feature of importing bulk products aids in minimizing faults in entering data while uploading singly and also saves times.

Manage tables for dine-in restaurants

For dine-in restaurants, it allows managing and synchronising table orders, takeaways and deliveries and also allows managing tables for the managers giving a quick update in the dashboard itself about tables, no. of guests and service person.

Online Orders directly at POS

First print receipt, then update payment mode

It’s more a customer centric and therefore vital one. It’s kind of inconvenient for customers sometimes to decide on payment mode without knowing the amount. In CubeOne POS, we made our system of having preference to print receipt first and then update (ask customer) for mode of payment.

Print Kitchen Order Tickets (KOT)

The order ticket feature is also available on the CubeOne POS tablet and mobile app. Businesses like restaurants, quick serve restaurants, and cafes usually require printing a kitchen order ticket as they take an order. Merging of KOTs and convert a KOT to bill are made simpler. Easy tracking on pending and canceled KOT. Printing of food menus happen in respective kitchens.

Table Management & Reservation

This feature allows the restaurant managers to manage the tables and reservation with regards to number of customers, ordered items, servicing person and time duration.

Kitchen & Inventory

Integrated Inventory Management

We have incorporated the inventory component into our POS such that it keeps a track of the products in and out of inventory list giving you a clear picture anytime,

KDS & Digital Menu

Digital Menu

The feature of digital menu allows the customers to view the menu on tablet, place order and also pay online. It helps in cutting down on manpower as well as paper usage.

KDS (Kitchen Display System)

Replace physical KOT Printers with Realtime kitchen display system to streamline kitchen processes.

Waiting Queue

Manage waiting queue at your restaurant by managing table reservation, waiting and dining customers all in one place.

Back Office

Real Time monitoring of business

With CubeOne POS, you have remote access to real-time reports such that so you can monitor your restaurant business from any internet-enabled device, anywhere, anytime.

Reports and insight data

CubeOne POS generate reports and insight data based on sales, customers and many others parameters helping you out to know your business performance more aptly and formulate future business decisions and policies.

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