Cubeone for Members

Online Bill and Receipt

Receive your maintenance bill and/or other cooperative housing society bills online in your society portal/mobile app and make payment easily and securely via integrated online payment gateway and e-collect facility.

Online Notice Board

Don't miss out on any notice from your housing society anymore. Receive notifications and communications from your society online via your society portal or mobile app.

Raise your Concern Online

Cube One society allows posting your queries and concerns right into the portal from the comfort of your Computer/Mobile. No need to run to the society offices each time now.

Easy Facility Booking

Check availability and book facilities like community hall, swimming pool or gymnasium easily and online via Cube One society.

Personal Document Storage

Cube One society facilitates storage of your property documents like rental agreement, police verifications, etc. into your secured society account. Now no more loss or misplacement of important property documents.

Get Visitor's Record Time

Cube One society allows you to access your visitor's record online anytime and from any place.

Consolidated Phonebook

Cube One society provides a secure and private phone directory with consolidated contact information of the society members, vendors and other stakeholders.

Private Digital Platform

Cube One society serves as a private social platform for your society where you can upload pics, discuss & notify events and conduct polls.

Cubeone for Society Office

Easy Unit Management

Cube One society allows you to build your society online and facilitates easy maintenance unit-wise for the primary members.

Easy Billing and payment Receipt

Generate bills and send across each member online and hassle-free using Cube One society app. Likewise receive payments online via integrated and secured online payment gateway.

Easy Tracking of Income Expenditure

Cube One society allows to keep a tab on the income and expenditure of the society and stores them securely of review and accounting.

Sophisticated Accounting Module

Cube One society provides an in-built sophisticated accounting module in-line with Tally that facilitates maintaining account ledgers, balance sheet, P&L statement, bank account, income-expenditure and also generates reports for audit and taxation.

Notification and Queries

The software allows sending notifications and communications to the members online from a central portal. Likewise, it allows registering queries from the members individually and consolidating them in one central place for your action and response.


Release tenders of your cooperative society works and receive quotes online and in one place. Assessing and selecting vendor(s) were never so easy before. The software stores vendor data and provides vendor aging reports.

Vehicle Tracking

The vehicle tracker module of theCube One society allows registration of the vehicles in the society and keeps tab on their in and out time hassle-free.

Facility Booking

The Cube One society allows you to add cooperative facilities, fix booking rates, receive booking requests and conforming the same. It keeps track of the bookings datewise.


Cube One society provides differential and need-based access to the staff according to the designations. This ensures the safety and security of the data stored. Allow a third party company to manage and complete the process for your society.

We will be happy to demonstrate our CubeOne Society solution to your satisfaction. And it won’t cost you anything!