Co-operative Housing Society Bye-Law- 43, 44

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Housing Society Bye-laws are the rules and regulations laid down for the proper and peaceful running of the co-operative housing societies. Co-operative society bye-laws are approved by the government authorities and are formed with the intention to help the societies self-regulate themselves. 




(I) Sub-letting etc. of Flats (Bye Law No 43 and 44)

Bye Law No 43. 

(1) A member shall intimate to the society, of subletting his flat or giving on leave and license basis or caretaker basis or parting with its possession in any other manner, however the member shall submit a copy of leave and license agreement and copy of intimation report to the police station.

(2) No permission of the Society is required to sublet the flat / shop. However the intimation needs to be given to the society 8 days before such subletting.

Bye Law No 44. 

No Member of the Society shall assign, mortgage or create any charge on his occupancy right in the flat without the previous permission in writing of the Society.

Provided that such permission of the Society will not be required for assigning, mortgaging or creating any charge on the occupancy right in the flat for the purpose of obtaining loan, either for purchase of the flat or for liquidating the liability incurred by him for the said purpose by way of loan or advance from the employer or the Member or from the Life Insurance Corporation of India or from a Bank or the Society or any other agency approved by the Commissioner for Cooperation and Registrar.

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